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We found Karen at a very financially and emotionally challenging time in our lives. Shortly after our business failed, we needed a stabilizing and wise influence. Over the last two years, she delivered hope and joy back into our lives through her coaching. Karen is particularly good at asking questions after deeply listening to us. She prepares so incredibly well for each session that we feel she is inside our head! If you engage Karen to move you forward, you will enjoy the positive results she encourages through her wonderful personality, financial skill and life experience.

Dan and Nancy M.,
Longmont, Colorado

More About Karen Smith
Founder, Pure Light Leadership

   One day while Karen was meditating, she asked God to help her find her purpose. After 21 years in corporate America, the last 10 years as an executive, she felt instinctively that it was time for a change. Yet, her very successful career had taught her to ignore her instincts and make decisions based on fact. Which is why her talk with God was so important that day, because she heard the message that her purpose is to help people. So Karen founded Pure Light Leadership, where she can help people meet their potential and learn how to move past fear and suffering to find balance and harmony in their lives.

   After growing up in an entrepreneurial family with a rural and agricultural background in the west, Karen traveled the world in her corporate career, before heeding the instinct that encouraged her to step beyond her fears and be in alignment with her path by embracing entrepreneurship. From a young age she knew she had been called to help people meet their full potential, and by founding Pure Light Leadership, Karen has embraced her calling and can help you find yours.

   Karen feels that people are created to grow, and that they suffer when they do not meet their full potential. Most people are not leading their ideal life. God creates each one of us with our calling for the world inside of us. Karen’s mission is to help people find their calling, so the world does not miss out on their special gifts.

   In addition to founding Pure light Leadership, Karen is a Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach, a graduate of the Proctor Gallagher Institute Coaching Program, Vice President of Colorado Cattlewomen's Incorporated, and a Director of Lemongrass Spa Products. Her ability to combine positive energy and mindful consciousness with her leadership intelligence has transformed her life. Now, through Pure Light Leadership, Karen has evolved the tools to help each one of us to meet our full potential, in full harmony with the laws of nature; growth, order and advancement.

   Let Karen help you find the path to meet your full potential!

Inspired, Intuitive, Intentional

First you have to have the vision into order to take the action. Karen can help you align your energy with the frequency that will enable you to meet your full potential.
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