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We can help you meet your potential and move past fear and suffering to find balance and harmony in your life.
Learn how the intuitive, inspired, and intentional paths inside us all can facilitate our growth, healing and betterment.
Meet Your Potential

Leadership & Mindset

Mindset is the key to everything - your perception IS your reality! We offer an intuitive, inspired, and intentional path to your significant growth and advancement.
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Soul Satisfaction

Energy Healing

Everything is Energy - when we learn to use this powerful, natural gift, it can literally change everything in our lives for the greater good we all desire.
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Peace of Mind

Wealth & Abundance

We can help you re-ignite your dream and find an intentional path that combines both the aspirational and the practical so you can achieve your financial goals.
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With clients in three countries, Karen values the connection she makes with them no matter where they're based, as she helps them acheive their goals and find their purpose.

Leadership & Mindset

If you want to take your leadership skill set to the next level, then engage our intuitive, inspired, and intentional path to significant growth and advancement.

How are we different from the immense amount of leadership coaching, classes, and material already available? Our highly intuitive process energetically frees you from old patterns that are holding you back, while inspiring you to carry out intentional actions that propels you towards your next leadership level. Whether you are an entrepreneur, c-suite executive, or desire to move into leadership, we can help reach your leadership goals.

Engage in our individual executive coaching program or join a small group coaching option - you will be glad you said “YES”!

Energy Healing

Understanding and nurturing the powerful, natural gift of our own internal energy, can literally change everything in our lives for the greater good we all desire. We all yearn for something better, soul satisfaction, growth, wealth and abundance, more ease and happiness, or better health and relationships. Let us intuitively show you the most transformative process that you’ve ever experienced that will shift everything for your betterment.

Pure Light Leadership’s customized approach to Energy Healing, helps you remove blockages in your body’s energy system, alleviating stress and anxiety while enabling relaxation and clarity. We help you maximize your internal energy and external potential.

Wealth & Abundance

Real wealth gets us what we really want - the freedom to live the life we dream of and aspire to. Yet we find ourselves feeling stuck, blocked, uninspired, and maybe even hopeless. Let us show you our intuitive, inspired and intentional path that removes your blocks to abundance and re-ignites your dreams.

We teach you the Natural Laws that govern wealth and abundance and the principles and mindset of prosperity, in a customized format tailored to your needs and objectives.

Karen combines her experience as a Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach with Pure Light Leadership's customized guidance to align you with intuitive abundance and wealth processes that will leave you encouraged, re-focused, and intentionally taking inspired action on your dream life NOW.