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Karen brings you thoughtful conversations around leadership, mindset, growth, and business.

Hello Pure Light Leaders! I hope that your new year is finding you advancing steadily on your dreams and goals! Do you have any goals related to growth, mindset, leadership, or abundance? Are you ready for some fresh inspiration and direction? Are you looking for a great new podcast to add to your listening lineup?

My friend Jennifer Dusza and I started Brilliant Horizons, a Leadership Mastermind Podcast, in December 2020. Jennifer is a top notch coach and developer of leaders; I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for several years and she has been instrumental in my growth and achievement in one of my businesses. More importantly, she is a wonderful friend with whom I can share faith, laughter and growth with!

Jennifer had been feeling the call to start a podcast and the Lord led her to invite me to join her on this fun new journey! We started Brilliant Horizons because we saw the need for a practical, yet inspiring and higher thinking level conversations around leadership, mindset, growth, and business. Additionally, we wanted to convey the beautiful and life transforming effect that faith has on leadership and growth.

We would like to personally invite you to listen every week as we publish a new episode. You can find us on Apple, Podbean, Spotify, and more! Engage with us, leave a review, and share with your friends. We hope to bring some joy, hope, and inspiration into your lives!

May grace, peace, and abundance be upon your path today and always!

Proverbs 3:5-6