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Streamline Meditation is the purest and highest form of meditation available today

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you know that meditation is good for you, but you haven’t yet found a way to make it stick.

Maybe you’re a complete beginner, perhaps you’ve dabbled with apps, listened to guided meditations, tried other techniques or done some meditation at the end of a yoga class, but all to no avail. Well, we’re happy to say that you’ve been guided to the right place now.

Streamline Meditation is the rediscovered, purest and highest form of meditation available today. It is a simple, naturally occurring process, that is best practiced for 20 minutes, morning and evening, while sitting comfortably with your eyes closed and back supported. No fancy postures, just however you like to sit, in a quiet spot where you feel relaxed. It is completely different to other forms of meditation as it involves no repetition of mantras or watching the breath. It also requires no concentration, focusing on the mind or trying to stop your thoughts.

This is because the state of meditation is always present. It’s already there. There has only ever been one small reason why we keep missing it. That’s because we habitually only focus on our thoughts and so miss the vast, silent field of pure consciousness from which all thoughts arise. We just need to be shown how to reconnect with it to enjoy its remarkable benefits.

This simple and natural discovery has the power to change your life. Learn how the state of meditation is something we can all access from the beginning - it’s not something that is a goal in the future - it’s always available here and now!